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Apps World London

Universally Apps are looking forward to another exciting year at Apps World London – by far one of the UK’s biggest digital shows.



We are exhibiting once again this year – find us at C17, come and have a chat with the team and find out how we can help 🙂

Universally Apps @ Cloud & DevOps World Olympia

If you’re interested in learning about localisation for digital media – you need to speak with us the Cloud & DevOps show at Olympia London, on the 21-22nd June 2016.

Arrange a meeting with  Kieron  –        



Universally Apps are at Apps World Berlin 2016 !

Contact Kieron to arrange a meet up  –

Universally Apps @ the App Promotion Summit 2015

by James Cartlidge

Finally after a superb day navigating overground London on foot during a tube strike (not recommended by the way) we find ourselves on a train tapping away on keyboards, summing up the highlights of the annual App Promotion Summit.

The conference this year was held in the very exquisite Jumeriah Carlton Hotel, London. A very popular and appropriate venue to meet with the very best in digital promotion.

This year we we’re treated by some very big named guests from the tech industry, including;

Becky Bui – Facebook. @beckyparker
Ross Sheil – Twitter. @rossysheil
Thy Dinh – New York Times.

among many others, all with help, advice, opinions and more importantly inside knowledge of how these organisations work – mainly in terms of marketing, but also how there platforms can be used to help the small and indie developer.

One thing that stood out to us, was a quote by Marie Steinhaler (Hopster/@marmarlade) – “When working with Apple and Google – show them that you care for the user”

This is something that rings true with Localisation, and Translation of your product or App. Ultimately the user experience is one of the more valued aspects of your App, and with the global reach of the Apple App and Google Play stores – it has become more apparent that just marketing your App for one demographic will stump it’s growth or reach.
And as the above statement suggests it will help build your relationship with Apple and Google.

So, time to dig deep into our notepads and inboxes to help the next generation of Apps succeed in this global playing field.

Please get in touch if you feel that we could help you and your brand –

Universally Apps @ WWDC + Enterprise Apps World

It’s been a very busy month for all us here at Universally Apps with the official launch in May. So what have we been up to…

Well firstly it was our first time attending the World Wide Developer Conference, or WWDC in San Francisco which is hosted by Apple.

Such an experience to not only be in such a fantastic and inspirational city in terms of technology, but also to see, hear and feel the buzz from all the developers, designers and entrepreneurs building their latest project or working on improving their brand.

Highlights of the conference & keynote;

  • iOS 9 – brings lots of new features and improvements to the platform. It will also go into a public beta test in July (click here for more info to prepare you for the changes to come. Official launch is to be confirmed in August.
  • Siri – Siri will become more proactive the more you use it, and will even start to understand your daily routines.
  • ApplePay – Good news for the UK consumer. Apple Pay will finally hit the British shores in July, having only been available in the US ‘till now. Having used it, we at Universally Apps are really excited to be finally getting a look at it in action.
  • AppleMaps – Apple Maps will get a public transport update.
  • News App – Apple will be releasing a new News App, which will help to pull all your news feeds into one location.
  • Apple Watch – watchOS 2 is going to bring a big change to the new favored timepiece. Allowing developers to be more open and for it to become more independent (check it out here
  • HomeKit & CarPlay – allowing developers more control over 3rd party technologies.
  • Oh, and one more thing… Apple Music – a brand new music service brought to you by Apple (check it out here

Lots of very cool updates and changes coming to Apple enthusiasts, as well as lots of features for developers to get stuck into and improve our lives.

Along with WWDC, we also attended Enterprise Apps World. This is a 2 day event based in the heart of London, which brings together technology and business to create a global playing field for any budding developer and tech entrepreneur.

Some fantastic talks and discussions from the elite of both worlds to help and inspire the next generation.

Now, it’s time for us to delve into our inboxes and to catch up with all the correspondence, and projects.

See you all again next year!