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Game Quality Forum 2017

Universally Apps is excited to announce that we will be attending Game Quality Forum North America in sunny Santa Clara, California, this year! From the 6-7th December, it promises to be an exciting event for all things QA and Localisation.


Come chat with our Head of Business Development, Tim, about your needs and how our multi award-winning QA and localisation teams can help.


We can’t wait to meet you there!


Meet us at TechXLR8

On the 13th of June a very exciting new technology festival launches at the ExCel London – TechXLR8!

A collaboration of several already successful events including: Apps World, Internet of things, VR & AR World.

The show promises to draw some of the most influential tech companies in the world, in the hope of connecting new industries and verticals.

Our team are looking forward to exhibiting at the show. We will be there to talk to you about localisation and Quality Assurance and how we excel at them :-)!


So meet the team by getting in touch, or drop by booth TX 310!





This Year @ Universally Apps

2016 is drawing to a close. In the run up to the festive period we find ourselves as a company looking back, and what a year we’ve had! We’ve grown insurmountably throughout the year and a huge thank you has to go to our clients and, of course, our incredible quality assurance and localisation teams.

As a group we’ve won a number of awards of excellence, owing to the amazing work & professionalism we are able to do because of the trust our clients put in us. We were nominated for best localisation and QA service provider by Develop UK, and for two awards at the annual TIGA awards, where we won our nomination for outstanding Leadership!

We’ve been out and about a lot this year, spreading the word on what Universally Apps is all about. We started the year in Amsterdam at Casual Connect, then dropped into GDC in San Francisco, we met some amazing people in Helsinki, Malmo, Berlin, Cologne and Paris until we rounded things off at home in London. If you see Universally Apps on your travels next year then come and say hello!

We’ve been privileged this year to work on many exciting projects with our amazing clients, such as Eurosport, Codemasters, Amazon, and U-Group Media, who’s Portable North Pole products are achieving great success. 2017 forecasts another giant step forward for Universally Apps. We will be partnering with even more innovators from around the world to aid them with quality assurance, translation, localisation and localised voice overs.

If you’re looking forward to 2017 and would like your testing and localisation handled by multi- award winning, world renowned teams, then look no further. Get in touch now to discuss your project needs or plans for next year.

Kieron Baker
Business Development

Apps World London

Universally Apps are looking forward to another exciting year at Apps World London – by far one of the UK’s biggest digital shows.



We are exhibiting once again this year – find us at C17, come and have a chat with the team and find out how we can help 🙂


Universally Apps are at Apps World Berlin 2016 !

Contact Kieron to arrange a meet up  –

Watch Becky’s Billion Pound Journey

How can Universally Apps help your business? watch Becky’s Billion Pound Journey

Universally Apps Introduces Language Customer Support

By James Cartlidge

Universally Apps are proud to announce the launch of a unique new service level – Language Customer Support.

So, what is this service and how can it help your business?

Our Language Customer Support service takes advantage of our project managers and linguists to offer their talent for support queries and/or community management. This would allow you to invest in a new market and demographic without the worry of being unable to support it in house.

We offer round the clock support, so that your customers are responded to in real time, to prevent frustration and negative reviews.  We have the advantage of using teams of customer support experts who will correspond with your community in their native language, therefore minimising the risk of a misunderstanding.

What can this service level include?

  • Social Support : let us look after your social media in over 60 languages
  • Email Support : real time support for your customers’ emails in over 60 languages
  • Community Management : let us monitor your forums in over 60 languages

Our new Language Customer Support service is a unique A* bespoke service, tailored to your business’s individual needs. Talk to us today to see how we can adapt any of our services levels to suit your requirements.

A little translation can go a long way – why you should localise

by James Cartlidge
The internet has changed the world in many different and wonderful ways. The news has become a much more major talking point in the office thanks to 24hr updates, and information has become much more accessible – not only that but it has allowed the consumer to be able to purchase or browse goods and services at the click of a mouse, the tap of a screen, or even shouting at your watch, phone or tablet – pretty cool.

But more importantly than that, the Internet has connected the world – we are now a global marketplace, greater than we’ve ever been before!

Since the launch of Universally Apps ( I have been traveling to events around the world, from small community developer events, to global stages. And one thing has really surprised me – the majority of developers and businesses don’t think globally about their product, or project.

Of course the above statement doesn’t apply to lots of global brands, and big businesses – but with the rise of the “indie” or the “start-up” company this is a rather large concern. How else do you expect for your product to be a success if your only focus is on only one market?

So – why should you localise??

That is a very good question. Most companies I have spoken with wrongly assume English is THE “global” language – and in some cases you’re right, it is spoken in the largest number of countries. However, after a simple Google search it trails 3rd, behind Spanish and Chinese for the approximate number of speakers.

  1. Chinese – 1,197,000,000
  2. Spanish – 414,000,000
  3. English – 335,000,000
  4. Hindi – 260,000,000
  5. Arabic – 237,000,000
  6. Portuguese – 203,000,000
  7. Bengali – 193,000,000
  8. Russian – 167,000,000
  9. Japanese – 122,000,000
  10. Javanese – 84,300,000



50% of the countries on the top 10 list of App downloads and revenue are non-English speaking countries from Europe and East Asia. (source:

56.2% of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price. (source:

Combine these 2 statements together and you can clearly see that if you create your product only for the English speaking market, then you are ignoring a massive consumer base that could significantly boost your revenue and overall downloads.
After reading the “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” report, published by the Common Sense Advisory in 2014. One quote really stood out to me:

“The basic lesson from this study is that people don’t buy what they can’t understand”

And this is more so the case than ever for the consumer in the digital age…

How frustrated would you feel if you purchased a product and you couldn’t use it? Or remember the frustration of trying to register for a website form that doesn’t recognise your postal address?

The impact of localisation and translation is huge and I don’t think businesses or companies realise how much of an impact that it could have.

The rise of the interconnected world has encouraged the development more multi-cultural and multi-lingual societies.

According to the aforementioned article, 72.1% of consumers spend most of their time on websites in their own language, and 72.4% say they are more likely to make a purchase if information is available in their native language. And this is not just across countries and their official languages – it’s also the same among communities.

A Linguistic Map of London

A Linguistic Map of London


Above is a linguistic map of London. Each colour represents a different language spoken in the city and where they are located in relation to the tube map.

It’s very interesting to see a visual representation of the different languages spoken across the capital. These are second to English; do you feel that your App is marketed to and targets these groups?

In the USA, current research suggests that by 2050 the Hispanic demographic would have increased to 30% of the overall population. It is currently estimated that the Hispanic economy represents $1.5 trillion in buying power – that’s insane! Do you feel an opportunity such as this can be ignored? (source:


When speaking with developers and businesses from around the globe, the common theme I hear is that their App or service is available everywhere – and that it appears they automatically assume that makes it global… However, they have not yet incorporated different languages or, more importantly accommodated to cultures outside of their own. This to me does not support the perception that the App is “available everywhere”.

Embracing languages and cultures is a golden opportunity to expand into new markets and ultimately increase your revenue and market share. A little translation can go a long way.

Universally Apps official launch

Universally Speaking, one of the video game industry’s more widely known and best loved localisation and QA experts has today launched further into the digital market with its newest venture: Universally Apps.

“Being in the digital entertainment industry for 10 years has broadened our minds and expanded our talents further than ever before, and now we want to help more businesses achieve their goals” said Universally Apps CEO Vickie Peggs. “We’ve seen the digital and mobile markets change rapidly since we started, and with the arrival of even more smart devices to an increasingly inter-connected world we feel it’s time that we expanded our horizons too”.

Universally Apps is dedicated to provide the best Translation and Testing services to the digital & mobile industries. Its team are leading experts in providing not only the best Translation and Testing services for your business, but also the consumer – allowing small and large enterprises to reach a global audience with ease.

“We’re here for all aspects of the digital process” said Universally Apps Managing Director Joanna Xenophontos. “Not only do we specialise in Translation and Testing, but we have the knowledge and expertise to help businesses create and develop their App, and have the most successful launch possible”.

About Universally Apps

Universally Apps, (part of the Universally group, which includes our sister company – Universally Speaking) has been at the forefront of the latest digital and mobile technology since the beginning.

We live in the Apps market and through our service levels we work with our clients to maximise the return and minimise the risk associated with launching an app into the big wide world.

Services include; Translation, Testing, App Development, Consultation

Let us help your APP be a UNIVERSAL success.

Universally Apps – Attending Apps World San Francisco in May 2015

Coinciding with the launch of Universally Apps upon the world, we are proud to announce that not only will we be attending Apps World NA, but shall be exhibiting – Stand #633.

We are proud for our official launch to be taking place at AppsWorld NA and believe that this will be the perfect platform from which to showcase our knowledge and expertise in helping businesses create and develop their apps.

Apps World North America will be taking place in the tech capital of San Francisco on May 12-13 at the Moscone Center. With over 10,000 developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform owners and industry professionals expected.

If you wish to learn more about our translation and testing services, or about how Universally Apps can help maximise your return and minimise the risk associated with your launch, get in touch with us – Our diaries are filling up so please reach out and reserve a spot with us, or you can catch us at our sand #633

We hope to meet you all at AppsWorld NA on 12th – 13th May.

About Universally Apps

Universally Apps, (part of the Universally group, which includes our sister company – Universally Speaking) has been at the forefront of the latest digital and mobile technology since the beginning.

We live in the Apps market and through our service levels we work with our clients to maximise the return and minimise the risk associated with launching an app into the big wide world.

Services include; Translation, Testing, App Development, Consultation

Let us help your APP be a UNIVERSAL success.