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Let UA translate your media into 60+ languages

Covering the key leading international markets whilst providing you with the reassurance of quality and support.

Professional translation services for:

  •        Apps
  •        Websites
  •        Packaging
  •        Marketing Campaigns
  •        Documents
  •        Videos

All of our translators are carefully selected native speaking linguists, meaning that your translation is being carefully and intelligently adapted to suit the target market.

We ensure that the meaning and interpretation is maintained by spending time understanding your product alongside our linguists.

Whatever target market you are looking to launch your product in, you can be assured that we have the local knowledge and the qualified translator to succeed!


Simplified service

Our hassle free project management and experienced team ensure that we run your project smoothly and quickly through the translation process.

We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring that we protect your brand with any necessary style guides and glossaries.

Do you have a preferred tool of choice?

Whatever tools you work with, you can be assured that we support all popular file formats and work with the majority of translation tools on the market.

Completely new to translation? We would be happy to offer free advice as to which tool may work best in your environment.


Easy to monitor costs

When you’re ready to start translating, or if you need to budget for future projects! We’ll carefully outline costs so that you can be assured of exactly what it’s going to cost.

Our costs are transparent and competitive every step of the way.


Mobile device knowledge

Our translation team works closely each day with our testing team, ensuring that we are consistently building our knowledge base on how devices work and operate.

Knowing that you’re working with a team that has translated thousands of apps means that you’re in safe hands when it comes to app translations.

App descriptions can make or break your user acquisitions.  By translating your app descriptions alone, you can generate users at a proven higher rate of 128%.

Our translators know the importance of standing out amongst a crowd and ensure that your first contact point with potential users draws them to download.




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Mobile App Testing Services

Universally Apps can run rigorous Agile testing on mobile devices including Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle Fire ensuring you are assured of launching a bug free app.

We can remove any risk of your app not working on a mobile device by running compatibility testing, bug testing and language testing ahead of your app launch.

Our experienced team will take the stress out of launching your app to the market, quickly, allowing you to focus on generating users and revenue.


Launch with confidence

There are approximately 20,000 iOS app launches per month – launching in confidence on day one knowing that Universally Apps has qualified your app free

from bugs means you’re giving your app the best possible launch pad to compete for users, maximising your potential revenue returns.


Pool of devices

We’ve been building up our global pool of test devices since the first smart phone was launched.

Universally Apps are armed with a significant pool of devices across all manufacturers and all software iterations so that you can be confident that you won’t

stumble across compatibility issues you weren’t expecting.  Release your app globally knowing that you’ve got the device minefield covered with confidence.


Agile testing

Our teams all run on agile scrum methodologies, allowing you flexibility and your developers to get the test feedback they need to get things fixed quickly.

Knowing our team are testing for bugs and ensuring you get them fixed means you get to market quicker.



Our test teams are selected and built with one thing in mind: focus on attention to detail.  Our ethos of focussing on delivering quality means our clients

rely on us again and again. You can be sure that our testers will leave no stone unturned when checking your app for bugs.

Not only that, but they’ll report them to your developers in a useable concise way.



We understand through our experience of testing apps through to launch that you need responsive and committed partners to share their experience and understanding with you. 

Our team work to partner our clients and offer back the little things in service that make all the difference.


Easy to monitor costs

When you’re ready to test, we’ll carefully outline test plans so that you can be assured exactly what you’ll be getting from your testing partner, and alongside that,

exactly what it’s going to cost. We ensure we’re transparent and visible every step of the way.


Reach more users globally

Launching your app successfully internationally means ensuring that your translations have been implemented correctly, that the original context has been carefully

modified to match the target market and that your app is free of bugs.

Our language testers are expert linguists so you can trust them even when you can’t speak the language yourself.

Language Customer Support

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Apps which succeed are those that have great customer support services in place from the offset. A seemingly straight forward element, until perhaps you translate your app into 60 different languages, and then need to provide support pages for all such territories…

These support requests can change by region and volume daily and by considerable values. They are difficult to prepare for by having costly teams set up in house. However, this feedback and support is ESSENTIAL for your app to be successful, so a strong, knowledgeable response system is imperative to give you the 5 star reviews your app needs.

Universally Apps can provide you with a bespoke service that can do all of this for you. We consider ourselves to be your strategic partner, working alongside you to correct errors and fix problems all in the users native tongue.

Improve end user experience and customer satisfaction with enhanced communication with your community, no matter what language or territory.

Contact us for a quotation on a package tailored to your app’s needs.  We ensure that by using our services your users will be highly satisfied, engaged and, most importantly, retained.

Our tailored packages include:

  • Social support – let us look after your social media in over 60 languages
  • Email support – real time support for your customers’ emails in over 60 languages
  • Community management – let us monitor your forums in over 60 languages

You could benefit from:

  • In-territory qualified linguists
  • Support set up to your required time frames in different time zones
  • Instantly scalable solutions

ASO & More


With over 2 million apps to compete against in the major app stores, getting your app discovered is critical for its success. The process of app store optimisation (ASO), helps your app rank higher during searches of the app store. Given that recent research indicates that 60% of apps are downloaded through organic searches, ASO is not to be taken lightly. Our unique background in linguistics and our multilingual facilities mean that’s we are able to provide a customisable solution to all of your ASO needs.

We can:

- Provide a full ASO analysis & rewrite, using our experienced technical staff and methodologies in house.
- Provide localised ASO analysis & rewrite, into over 60+ languages for global app launches.

All our solutions can be fully tailored to your requirements. We have the advantage of an experienced in house team combined with in territory linguists to ensure your ASO is of the optimum standard.


All of our services from translation to testing are available for websites and all other digital media. We have experience working on almost all digital media imaginable, including educational media, E-mags, E-books & games.

Contact us for your project, and we will be happy to help!
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