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2016 is drawing to a close. In the run up to the festive period we find ourselves as a company looking back, and what a year we’ve had! We’ve grown insurmountably throughout the year and a huge thank you has to go to our clients and, of course, our incredible quality assurance and localisation teams.

As a group we’ve won a number of awards of excellence, owing to the amazing work & professionalism we are able to do because of the trust our clients put in us. We were nominated for best localisation and QA service provider by Develop UK, and for two awards at the annual TIGA awards, where we won our nomination for outstanding Leadership!

We’ve been out and about a lot this year, spreading the word on what Universally Apps is all about. We started the year in Amsterdam at Casual Connect, then dropped into GDC in San Francisco, we met some amazing people in Helsinki, Malmo, Berlin, Cologne and Paris until we rounded things off at home in London. If you see Universally Apps on your travels next year then come and say hello!

We’ve been privileged this year to work on many exciting projects with our amazing clients, such as Eurosport, Codemasters, Amazon, and U-Group Media, who’s Portable North Pole products are achieving great success. 2017 forecasts another giant step forward for Universally Apps. We will be partnering with even more innovators from around the world to aid them with quality assurance, translation, localisation and localised voice overs.

If you’re looking forward to 2017 and would like your testing and localisation handled by multi- award winning, world renowned teams, then look no further. Get in touch now to discuss your project needs or plans for next year.

Kieron Baker
Business Development