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Find out more

By James Cartlidge

Universally Apps are proud to announce the launch of a unique new service level – Language Customer Support.

So, what is this service and how can it help your business?

Our Language Customer Support service takes advantage of our project managers and linguists to offer their talent for support queries and/or community management. This would allow you to invest in a new market and demographic without the worry of being unable to support it in house.

We offer round the clock support, so that your customers are responded to in real time, to prevent frustration and negative reviews.  We have the advantage of using teams of customer support experts who will correspond with your community in their native language, therefore minimising the risk of a misunderstanding.

What can this service level include?

  • Social Support : let us look after your social media in over 60 languages
  • Email Support : real time support for your customers’ emails in over 60 languages
  • Community Management : let us monitor your forums in over 60 languages

Our new Language Customer Support service is a unique A* bespoke service, tailored to your business’s individual needs. Talk to us today to see how we can adapt any of our services levels to suit your requirements.