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by James Cartlidge

Finally after a superb day navigating overground London on foot during a tube strike (not recommended by the way) we find ourselves on a train tapping away on keyboards, summing up the highlights of the annual App Promotion Summit.

The conference this year was held in the very exquisite Jumeriah Carlton Hotel, London. A very popular and appropriate venue to meet with the very best in digital promotion.

This year we we’re treated by some very big named guests from the tech industry, including;

Becky Bui – Facebook. @beckyparker
Ross Sheil – Twitter. @rossysheil
Thy Dinh – New York Times.

among many others, all with help, advice, opinions and more importantly inside knowledge of how these organisations work – mainly in terms of marketing, but also how there platforms can be used to help the small and indie developer.

One thing that stood out to us, was a quote by Marie Steinhaler (Hopster/@marmarlade) – “When working with Apple and Google – show them that you care for the user”

This is something that rings true with Localisation, and Translation of your product or App. Ultimately the user experience is one of the more valued aspects of your App, and with the global reach of the Apple App and Google Play stores – it has become more apparent that just marketing your App for one demographic will stump it’s growth or reach.
And as the above statement suggests it will help build your relationship with Apple and Google.

So, time to dig deep into our notepads and inboxes to help the next generation of Apps succeed in this global playing field.

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